Fundraiser Blitz Days (May 15, 21) – Many People Needed

Students will canvas assigned neighborhoods in Lakeville to sell Discount Cards.  Parents are needed to drive and monitor students – one adult driver per pair of 2 students.  On Sunday, May 15, everyone will meet at LSHS at noon for information and directions, sell cards from 1pm-6pm, and then return to LSHS where prizes will be awarded from 6pm-7pm.  Likewise, the schedule on Saturday, May 21 will be: meet at LSHS at 9am for info/directions, sell cards from 10am-3pm, then return to LSHS for prizes from 3pm-4pm.  Please bring money for lunch/dinner (or a bag lunch), parent driver to accompany/provide transport to restaurant of their choice.

We need many parents and students, please consider supporting the band program on these days! Please sign up at the link below:

The proceeds from this sale will support our auxiliary music staff and band travel and performance expenses. Thank you!

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