Honor Bands/Contests

Participating in honor bands around our region is a great way to make music with other talented musicians your age. Performances with these groups are extremely rewarding due to your peer musicians’ level of musicianship, proven directors and quality music. Some honor bands are listed below with their approximate date, link for more info and how you can be accepted. If you want to apply to participate in any of these honor ensembles let Mr. Bieniek know so he can assist you in the process!


Aproximate Date Honor Band Name/Location Link for more info Audition Requirement
 November Gustavus (St. Peter, MN) Website Teacher Recommendation in September
 January University of Minnesota (Minneapolis) Website Recorded Audition in November
 February 28,29 Dorian (Luther College, Decorah IA) Website Teacher Recommendation in December
 April Concordia (Moorhead) Website Recorded Audition in January
 April MBDA (Location changes yearly) Website Recorded Audition in December
 August MN All-State Concert & Jazz Band  Website Recorded Audition in March (Grade 10&11)



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