Waseca Marching Classic

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The Waseca Marching Classic competition is an all-day event on Saturday, September 23 that includes a parade marching competition and a field show competition. Involved performers are all of Show Band and any member of the summer marching band that would like to participate in the parade marching portion of the competition.
Volunteers and Trailer needed – We are looking for volunteers for this event, you can sign up at the link below. We are also looking for a family or two that own an enclosed trailer and a way to pull it to help transport our instruments and equipment to Waseca for this performance. If you have the ability to do this, please contact Mr. Bieniek ASAP at bien3561@isd194.org. Thanks!
This year the band will eat as a group rather than asking students to find restaurants for both lunch and dinner. For those who remember last year, that time is quite short and it was difficult to make certain everyone ate and returned within the time given to us between the parade, the clinic and the evening field marching competition.
For any friends and families who are planning to travel Waseca to watch any part of the parade, the clinic and the night’s competition, we would like to invite you to share these meals with us. lf you would like to participate, please fill out the form using the link above telling us how many meals you will need (including both Student and Friends & Family).
At a minimum, please RSVP for your child’s meals while at Waseca using the link below. Final food order will be placed on Thursday, September 14. We will need prepayment for these meals. Lunch is $5 and dinner is $10. Please send a check to Mr. Bieniek as soon as possible, made payable to LSHS Band Boosters. 

https://goo.gl/forms/ 3HUTIuAVxg9Gxbth1

 Meals will be served at the school near our buses (we will post on Facebook the exact locations when we arrive) and will be served near lunch (noon) and dinner 5:00p. Times will be confirmed as we get closer to the competition. 

Meal RSVP (needed by 14 September) https://goo.gl/forms/ 3HUTIuAVxg9Gxbth1
Waseca Parent Volunteers http://www.signupgenius.com/ go/10c0848acaf29a6f85-waseca

Questions? lakevillesouthbandboosters@gmail.com

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