High School Band

The Lakeville South High School Band program offers many opportunities for our students to create and perform music. The student musicians involved in the LSHS Band program perform in concert ensembles, pep band, marching band, jazz band, pit orchestra, and many small ensembles such as percussion, brass, woodwind, clarinet, and saxophone ensembles. The band also travels every other year to share and experience music in other parts of the country and the world.

There will be documents pertaining to high school band members and their parents such as:


Schedule – The most up to date schedule is on the right hand side of lakevillesouthbands.com

Beginning of the Year Signature Sheet

School Owned Instrument Rental Contract

Formal Wear Check-Out (Wind Ensemble and Jazz Ensemble)

Pep/Marching Band Music Selection Suggestions

Solo Ensemble Entry Form


Pep Band Attendance Record – Check periodically to assure you have received your pep band credit


Private Lessons

Lessons are an integral part of each student’s musical development. Given that a full band rehearsal incorporates about 60-80 students and around 14 different “machines” for them to create sound on, it is VERY important that students seek out private lessons. Unfortunately Mr. Bieniek does not have lesson time in his schedule; he will work with our young musicians before and after school when possible, but there is only one of him 😉 . He will work to invite private lesson instructors into the school so students can be pulled out of band for private lessons.


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