First Hockey Pep Band

The first hockey pep band is this coming Tuesday, the 17. Our girls hockey team will be taking on North. The timeline is as follows:

We will meet at the rink for all hockey pep bands, there will be no bus or trailer. All musicians will have to take their instruments home after school or pick them up during the designated pick-up time. If your instrument is too large for your vehicle, please find a friend with a larger vehicle to help out, we can coordinate this during class if you let me know.

5:30-5:45 PM – Band room unlocked to pick up instruments

6:00 – Report to Hasse Arena (8525 215th St W, Lakeville, MN 55044) for warm-up and pregame music.

6:45 – Game starts

Following the game, the band room will be unlocked for 20 minutes as soon as Mr. Bieniek can get there to return instruments if desired.

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