2017-18 Band Audition Information

Auditions-The 2017-18 Band audition information is below. All musical ensembles that are offered are listed with their audition requirements.

Concert Band (9th Grade) – No musical audition required. All incoming 9th graders will be placed in the Concert Band.

Symphonic Band (10-12th Grade) – Auditions are encouraged, but any 10-12th grader that does not complete the musical audition will be placed in Symphonic Band.

Wind Ensemble (10-12th Grade) – Musical audition required. Audition results will determine placement in Wind Ensemble or Symphonic Band. All auditions will must be video recorded and emailed to Mr. Bieniek by Friday, April 21 at bien3561@isd194.org. He will send a confirmation email once it has been viewed.

Jazz Ensemble – Early Bird (9-12th Grade) – Musical audition required. It will be offered as an early bird class, earning each student musician credit, just as any other class in their schedule. All students in Jazz Ensemble must also be enrolled in one of the concert ensembles. Instrumentation includes: Saxophone, Trombone, Trumpet, Piano, Bass, Guitar and Drum Set. Upon the completion of the audition process, those selected will be notified and the class will be added to each students schedule by the office. You will play the “head” of Slow Blues in F once followed by one chorus of improvisation. Rhythm section players should perform this same piece, but may be asked to demonstrate understandings of additional genres of music (rock, funk, swing, etc). The link for the jazz audition music has everyone’s music in it, so be sure to pick the page with your correct key.

Stage Band (9-12th Grade) – No musical audition required. Stage Band is a second jazz ensemble and will be offered as an after school ensemble starting in November. Sign-ups will be in the fall.

Student Leadership (9-12th Grade) – Musical audition and student leadership application required. Those students willing to take on the responsibility and reward of being  a student leader in any  capacity must complete a musical audition and student leadership application. This includes drum majors, section leaders (musical) and rank captains (marching/visual). All student leaders must participate in summer marching band as this is where our foundation for success starts!

Drumline (9-12th grade percussionists) – Drumline audition required for all grades. In the musical excerpt link below you will find the concert ensemble audition music (snare and mallets) and a drumline cadence. Please prepare the drumline part you prefer to play; example: if you want to play bass drum prepare the bass drum part. After all auditions have occurred the drumline parts will be announced.

Audition Process

Please read ALL directions, complete any/all forms needed and prepare all required music for your audition. Musical audition time slots are only 10 minutes long, preparation is key!

Student Leadership Form This must be turned in to Mr. Bieniek by Friday, April 21.

Audition Scoring Rubric – Winds (This is what will be filled out when Mr. Bieniek views your audition)

Audition Scoring Rubric – Percussion (This is what will be filled out when you audition)

Scheduling your audition – All wind auditions must be video recorded and emailed to Mr. Bieniek by Friday, April 21. Current high school percussionists will be auditioned during class, while incoming percussionists will have to sign up for an audition time, information on scheduling will come from you middle school band director. If none of the available audition times work for you, please let Mr. Bieniek know ASAP!

All early bird jazz band auditions must be scheduled with Mr. Bieniek. Scheduling information will come from your middle school band directors.

Performance notes:

Scales – Everyone (percussion and winds) must play a 2 octave concert F scale and the chromatic scale for the range of their instrument. The chromatic scale can be found by following the “Scale links” below. The chromatic scales are taken from the South Dakota All State audition sheet, the sheet specifies they must be memorized and played at a certain tempo. You do not have to memorize and they should be performed at the quickest tempo you can, but keeping a consistent tempo is much more important than speed!

Musical Excerpt – Prepare the bracketed portions. Tone is most important!

Instrument Scales Musical Excerpt (all instruments have the same link)
Flute  Scale Link Music Link
Oboe  Scale Link Music Link
Bassoon  Scale Link Music Link
Clarinet  Scale Link Music Link
Saxophone  Scale Link Music Link
Trumpet  Scale Link Music Link
French Horn  Scale Link Music Link
Baritone (Euphonium)  Scale Link Music Link
Trombone  Scale Link Music Link
Tuba  Scale Link Music Link
Percussion Music Link (Coming Soon)
Jazz Band Music Link
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